Make and Receive a Phone Call for Motorola DEFY XT

 No longer supported

The phone(s) described in this article can no longer be activated with Republic. Please see Republic Wireless Phones for information on currently supported phones.


For DEFY XT Users

Make a phone call
Answer a call
Call forwarding
Caller ID
Other calling options

Make a phone call 

  1. Tap icon_home2.png Home.
  2. Tap the icon_phone.png Phone icon.
  3. Enter a phone number using the phone keypad.
  4. Tap the green button

Answer a call 

  • Answer a call by dragging the green phone icon to the right of the screen.
  • Ignore a call by dragging the red phone icon to the left of the screen. 

Call forwarding 

Call/voicemail forwarding will transfer any call ignored or not answered on one phone to another phone, where it can be answered or allowed to go to voicemail.

This is different from traditional call forwarding, where all calls to one phone are immediately forwarded to the second phone without ringing on the first phone. 

Note: Forwarding from one Republic phone to another Republic phone is currently not supported. 

To set up forwarding by dialing your voicemail (via WiFi only): 

To turn on call forwarding

  1. Press Home.
  2. Tap the Phone icon.
  3. Using the dial pad, type *28 then the 10-digit number where you'd like to forward calls.
    (For example: *281234567890)
  4. Tap the phone button to call.  A box will pop up that says Call Forwarding is enabled.

To turn off call forwarding

  1. Press Home.
  2. Tap the Phone icon.
  3. Using the dial pad, type *38.
  4. Tap the phone button to call. A box will pop up that says Call Forwarding is disabled

Caller ID 

Change your caller ID

To change your caller ID name, you'll need to submit a help ticket to Republic Help

  • Please keep in mind that you can only choose from the following options as your caller ID name:
    • First Name Last Name (John Smith)
    • First Initial Last Name (J. Smith)
    • Last Name, First Name (Smith, John)
    • Last Name, First Initial (Smith, J)
  • You can only change your caller ID name twice. 

Caller ID blocking

Known as *67, outbound caller ID block is now available. 

To activate the ability to use *67, please enter *#*#VOIP#*#* on your dialer while connected to WiFi. Once complete, you will be able to use *67. 

Note: You will need to dial *67 before each call you want to block.  

Other calling options 

  • To mute the ringer on a call, tap Mute.
  • To put a call on speakerphone, tap Speakerphone.



Identify the issue 

The first goal to help understand the issue is to be able to identify the issue and describe it. 

Outbound vs. Inbound 

Is this issue happening on all calls or just inbound or outbound calling? 

  • Typical inbound calling issues
    Inbound calls don't ring my phone.
    Inbound calls ring my phone, but there's no audio at all.

  • Typical Outbound calling issues
    Outbound calls fail before ringing the number dialed.
    Outbound call rings, but there's no audio at all. 

WiFi vs. Cellular 

Issues typically don't affect WiFi and cellular calling equally. While making a call, the phone dialer will tell you if the phone is Cell or WiFi

  • WiFi status
    • Is the arc green at the top part of the phone?
      If it isn't green, it'll affect the phones ability to receive calls over WiFi. It's possible that outbound calls may still use WiFi.

    • Is your phone connected to WiFi with significant signal strength?
      Check the WiFi icon at the top of the phone. You should have at least 1 or 2 bars to maintain a call.

    • If you're on a public hotspot, have you logged in or accepted terms?
      You may be connected to WiFi, but need to log in or accept terms in a web page. Your phone will probably not use WiFi calling if that is the case. 
  • Cellular status
    • How strong is your cell signal?
      Check the status bar for the number of cellular signal bars.

      4 Bar - Best service
      3 Bar - Good service
      2 Bar - Ok service
      1 Bar - Fair service. This can give unpredictable results. 
    • Are you roaming?
      If you see a blue triangle icon on your phone, you're roaming to a Sprint partner. Roaming may allow inbound, outbound, 911 and/or data.

      Outbound calling on cell performs best when data access is available on the phone. If you're roaming, keep in mind that not all roaming agreements include data and that outbound calling my have call completion issues without roaming data. 
    • Do you have cell coverage?
      If you see a red circle with a line through it, that means that there's no compatible tower to connect to. Calls and data will fail.

Possible fixes 

  • Check your WiFi settings
    • Make sure you are dialing the full 10 digit number.
    • Make sure your WiFi router at your home or office is able to freely pass UDP traffic on Port 5090. This port is used for outbound call setup over WiFi and will help get the Republic arc to turn green allowing inbound calling over WiFi.
    • If the call is setting up, but you're not getting audio in one or all directions, this is still an issue with the router/firewall, but usually not related to the ports used for setting up the call (5090). Other ports can be found by reading Ports, Routers, and Traffic or Checklist - Phone Info 
  • Check your cellular status and settings
    • Make sure you have at least one bar of cellular signal or are roaming.
    • Make sure to dial the full 10 digit number.
    • Step outside to retry your call; buildings can cause interference.
    • If you've never been able to make calls on cellular, you may not have ever activated your cellular service. Make sure you're in a strong Sprint coverage area and update your phone's profile. 
  • Reboot/power cycle
    This can be done by simply powering down the phone and then turning it back on. 
  • Pull the battery
    With the phone still turned on, pull out the battery, wait 30-60 seconds, then re-insert the battery and power on the phone. 
  • Update the PRL
    This is the Preferred Roaming List. Update this if you're having issues connecting to a tower. (Note: You'll need to be connected to either WiFi or on-network (not roaming) cellular.) To update the PRL:

    1. Go to Settings > About Phone > Phone Updates.
    2. Tap Update PRL
  • Update profile
    To update your phone's profile:

    1. Go to Settings > About Phone > Phone Updates.
    2. Tap Update profile
  • Factory reset
    If no other troubleshooting solutions work and you think an application may be interfering with calls, please see Factory Reset for Motorola DEFY XT for instructions on how to reset your phone.
    Note: This will remove all apps, settings, and personal info from your phone. 

Other issues 

  • Calls to international numbers over Google Voice don't work
    When trying to make an international call using Google Voice to numbers outside of North American Numbering Plan (NANP) countries, the DEFY XT's dialer will show Invalid Number and will not place the call.

    This issue is caused by a design issue with the Motorola dialer, and a fix would require an OTA (over the air) update. Unfortunately, we will not be implementing any further OTA updates for the DEFY XT. Please see our blog How do we update the user experience after a Hybrid phone is released? (Part two) for more info.

    A workaround is available:
    If you call into your Google Voice number from your phone, there's an option to dial an international number.
    1. Call your own Google number and sign into the Google voicemail system.
    2. Press 2.
    3. Dial 011, the country code, and the number (or dial 1 and the country code, depending on where you're calling.)
      For example: 011442012345612345 or 12464260200.
    4. Dial # (the pound key). 

When should you open a ticket? 

  • If callers are getting a busy signal when calling you.
  • If all settings and troubleshooting steps were taken and you’re still unable to make and/or receive calls on cell.
  • If a profile or PRL update fails. 

Please see Getting Help from Republic for instructions on how to open a support ticket.

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