Emergency Services: 911 and E911


This article provides information regarding emergency services including 911, E911, as well as how to manage your E911 Address

Emergency services include: 

  • "Traditional" 911
    Sends your actual location (longitude and latitude)
  • "Enhanced" 911 (E911)
    Sends your actual location (longitude and latitude) as well as additional info, such as name, account info and what hospitals/911 offices are near you to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). Not all PSAPs support E911, but federal laws encourage them to upgrade. 

Republic Wireless supports both Traditional 911 and E911, but does not currently support text-to-911. Please see Republic Notice of 911 and E911 Service Limitations for more info. 

Cellular Access to Emergency Services 

All RW phones, regardless of which plan you're on with Republic (including the WiFi only plan) are able to call emergency services on any compatible cellular network. This feature works even on phones without an active line of service. 

A 911 call is recognized specifically and sent directly through our MVNO channels to emergency operators.  Immediate priority on the phone is given to the 911 request and the call is connected as soon as it can find the carrier network, any roaming partner network and/or any other available compatible cellular network to complete the call. If cellular is not available, emergency calls can be made over WiFi if WiFi is available. When a call is made over WiFi, your Emergency 911 Address is sent to the answering location. Depending on the manner in which emergency services routes calls in the location you are calling from, either your Emergency 911 Address will be used and the call will be routed to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) associated with your emergency address, or you will be routed to a National Call Center with your Emergency 911 Address being provided at the same time. Republic has no influence over what method is used or what person you will talk with, but we strongly encourage you to keep your Emergency 911 Address up to date since it will be used if there is no cell signal available and your 911 call is able to be sent over WiFi.

Tip: When calling 911 over cellular, the phone number that is displayed to the emergency responder is not the Republic number that you give out to family and friends. In order for Hybrid Calling to work, Republic assigns a secondary number to your phone that is used behind the scenes when making/receiving cellular calls. It's this secondary number that the emergency responder sees automatically when you call 911. If you are asked to verify your phone number, you should provide them with the best number to reach you. 

WiFi Access to Emergency Services

Republic Wireless phones are able to call emergency services on any compatible WiFi network.

  • This feature requires an active account with Republic.
  • Republic will always try to route your emergency call via cellular first (where available).
  • E911 services aren't able to query the network for your location when using WiFi. However, RW is still able to provide your emergency address listed in your My Account portal when requested, to be used only if you would otherwise be unable to call 911 without WiFi. To manage your emergency address, see the instructions below. 

Manage Your WiFi E911 Location 

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