Number Transfer Troubleshooting

Reasons Your Number Can’t Be Transferred

If you receive an error when checking to see if your number can be transferred stating that we're unable to do so, it may be for one or more of the following reasons.

No Network Availability
While we can accept numbers from a large portion of the country, we’re unable to take numbers associated with certain local areas outside of our number provisioning system. You can still join Republic Wireless with a new number from a different local area.

Please note: We currently don't offer services in Hawaii, Alaska, or New Hampshire. However, non-coverage areas are not limited to these states.

Number Transfer Request is Pending
If you currently have a pending number transfer request, our number transfer checker will indicate that the number is non transferrable.

Number is Being Forwarded
A number that is being forwarded to Google Voice, or a similar service, can’t be transferred. If you’d like to transfer a number that is being forwarded, first turn off the number forwarding service, then submit your number transfer request.

Number is a Republic Wireless Number
Unfortunately, you can’t use the number transfer request process to move your current Republic Wireless number to another Republic Wireless phone. Luckily, there are other ways to do this.

Select what you’d like to do from the list below for more information:

Incorrect Information
If you submitted a number transfer request and received this error, some of the information that you submitted may be incorrect. For more information, please see “Correct an Error in Your Number Transfer Request”.

For more information about why your number isn’t transferable, please open a Help ticket.

Incorrect Number Being Shown on Your Phone
If you submitted a number transfer request and received an email from Republic Wireless that your transfer is complete, but your transferred number isn't showing up on the phone you transferred it to, please complete the following steps on your Republic Wireless phone:

  1. Make sure your phone is connected to WiFi.
  2. Open the dialer, then dial *#*#8647#*#*.
    Please note: On Samsung phones, press the green phone button.
  3. The arc icon will disappear and reappear after about a minute. If the icon doesn’t reappear, restart your phone.
  4. The icon should now be visible and the transferred number should now be listed as your phone number.

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