How to Transfer Your Number to Republic Wireless

Learn how to transfer a number to Republic Wireless by following the provided step-by-step instructions, including what to do before, during, and after a number transfer request is submitted. 

Before Submitting Your Request

Check to see if your number will transfer

Most numbers can transfer, but there are some that can't for various reasons. Check to see if your number can be transferred to Republic using our Number Transfer Checker.

Don't cancel your other service just yet

Your service line with your other provider has to remain active while the transfer takes place. If you cancel your service beforehand, it could result in a loss of your phone number. Once your number is with Republic, then you can cancel with your old provider.

Make sure you have an activated Republic Wireless phone

Number transfer requests should only be submitted after you've created a Republic Wireless account and have an activated phone with Republic. 

Submitting Your Number Transfer Request

A number transfer request can only be submitted by the user that's assigned to the specific service line that is being changed. If a user hasn't been assigned to the service line being changed, the account owner can submit the request.

Before proceeding, be sure that you have the following information from your other provider:

  • The phone number you want to transfer
  • Your account number
  • Your PIN number or password
  • Your billing address
  1. Sign in to the Republic Wireless Account you wish to transfer the number to.
    • Note: you can do this on a computer or your phone's browser application 
  2. Click My Account
  3. Under the service line that you’d like to transfer your number to, click the Up_Arrow.png up arrow next to I WANT TO…
  4. Click Transfer My Number In
  5. Enter the phone number (without any dashes or spaces) that you’d like to transfer, then click the Right_Arrow.png right arrow to check the number.
  6. Click Provider Name and select your other provider. If you don’t see your other provider listed, select Other at the bottom of the list.
  7. Enter your other provider’s Account Number (without any dashes or spaces) and Account PIN/Password, then click the Right_Arrow.png right arrow
  8. Enter the name and billing address that’s listed on your account with your other provider, then click the Right_Arrow.png right arrow.
  9. Review the information you’ve entered and ensure that it’s correct. Any errors may cause a delay in your request.
  10. Read the Terms and Conditions, then click I agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  11. Enter the phone number that you’re transferring, then click the Checkmark.png checkmark.
  12. Once your request has been accepted by your other provider, you'll be notified via email.

Please note: Most transfers take less than 48 business hours, but can take up to 7 business days in rare cases.

Wanting to move your number from one Republic Wireless phone to another?

You can’t use the number transfer request process to move your current Republic Wireless number to another Republic Wireless phone. Luckily, there are other ways to do this.

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