How to Change Phones and Keep Your Number


  • Change which phone you're using and keep your existing number



New Members

If you’re new to Republic Wireless and want to keep your current number from another service provider, please read How to Transfer Your Number to Republic Wireless.

Existing Members

If you’d like to upgrade or replace your current Republic Wireless phone with another Republic Wireless phone and keep your same number, follow the instructions below.

  1. Purchase one of our supported phones
    • Note: You can purchase directly from Republic Wireless in our Online Store
  2. Follow the instructions in How to Activate a Cell Phone or SIM Card
    • During the activation process, after signing into your existing Republic Wireless account, you’ll be given the option to move your current number to the new phone
  3. Once the activation has finished, your new phone will be activated with the existing number that you chose and your old phone will be automatically deactivated.

Additional Notes

  • If you're moving your number from a phone that is on our My Choice (4.0) plan, the SIM card in the phone that you're moving your number from will be deactivated.
    • GSM SIM cards can be reactivated within 20 days. Once the GSM SIM card has been deactivated for more than 20 days, the phone can only be reactivated with a new SIM card. 
    • CDMA SIM cards can be reactivated indefinitely
  • If you're replacing a 3.0 phone on the CDMA network with a Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) please read How to Replace a CDMA 3.0 Phone with a BYOP Phone
  • If you'd like to transfer your Republic Wireless number to another service provider, please read How to Transfer Your Number from Republic Wireless

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