Transferring Your Number from Republic Wireless

 Before you transfer your number out, did you know?

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  • Transfer your number from Republic Wireless


  • Transferring a number from Republic Wireless to another provider


Please do not cancel your Republic Wireless service.  Your existing Republic Wireless line will automatically cancel once the number is ported to your new provider.

  1. Contact the new provider to let them know you want to transfer your number from Republic Wireless
  2. Provide the following information to your new provider:
    • Your Account Number: Each phone number has its own account number. 
    • Your PIN: This is your account PIN, specific to each phone number on your account.
    • If you do not have your Account Number or PIN, call the Republic Care team at 866-550-9843

Additional Notes

  • If the first attempt to transfer your number is unsuccessful, you'll need to update the PIN for the service line being transferred, cancel the initial transfer request and submit a new transfer request through your new provider.
  • After confirmation date of transfer has passed there is a 72-hour window before your number transfer will complete. During this window your phone can work with both carriers. Please do not attempt to cancel your Republic Wireless account during this window as it will affect the routing of your phone number.
  • Often, the confirmation date or time differs from the time you submitted the request. The 72-hour window is from the confirmation, not the request. If you do not know the date and time of the confirmation, please reach out to your new provider.
  • Once your number has been transferred to a different provider, your Republic Wireless service line will automatically be canceled and removed from future billing
  • Republic Wireless numbers are considered VoIP numbers and not wireless numbers. Some providers may not allow transfers from VoIP to wireless.
  • The number transfer request is submitted through the new provider.
  • If a user is assigned to the phone, the user must either set up their own PIN or the owner must remove the user from the phone. How to Un-Assign (Remove) a User
  • If your new carrier tells you that Republic Wireless needs to release the number, ask them for the Firm Order Commitment (FOC) date for the number transfer. They should either have a FOC date or an error message. You may need to escalate with the new carrier to get the answer to this, but they should provide it.
  • Voicemail does not transfer with the number. How to Save a Voicemail Message.