How to Check the Status of Your Number Transfer


  • Check the status of an open number transfer/port request to Republic Wireless


  • Online Account Portal
  • Transferring number to Republic Wireless


  1. Sign into your account.
  2. On the left side, you’ll see an image of your phone with a colored banner over it and one of the following messages:
    • Number Transfer Processing
      This means your number transfer request has been submitted and is currently awaiting acceptance from your other provider
    • Number Transfer Accepted
      This means your number transfer request has been accepted by your other provider and they’ve provided a date and time that your number will transfer to Republic Wireless
    • Number Transfer Error
      This means we’ve received an error with your number transfer request. You’ll need to verify the information you submitted on your original request and correct the error. For help, please see How to Correct an Error in Your Number Transfer Request
    • Number Transfer Rejected
      This means we’ve encountered an issue with your number transfer request. A Republic Help team member will be contacting you via email with more information

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