How to Cancel Your Service

 Considering canceling? Did you know...

If you're experiencing coverage or service-related issues, we may be able to help. To let our dedicated team of technicians evaluate the issues you're experiencing, please call our support team at 1-866-550-9843. We'd love to have you stay with Republic Wireless.

Before you cancel, be sure to review our Money Back Guarantee to determine if you’re eligible for a refund, as well as our Return and Replacement Policy and our Terms of Service.  

Important note:  If you plan to move your number to another cell phone service, do not cancel! Cancellation prior to transferring the number will forfeit the number. Begin the transfer process with your new cell phone service. Your Republic service for the phone number will be canceled once the number transfer is complete. See How to Transfer Your Number from Republic Wireless for further information.

Steps to Cancel Your Service

Note: Be sure to save any needed voicemails before you submit your cancellation. See: How to Save a Voicemail Message

  1. Sign in to your Account
  2. Click on My Account
  3. Click My Lines
  4. Scroll to the phone you want to cancel
  5. Click Cancel Service
  6. After clicking Cancel Service
    • If you do not see any further options, let our Help Team know you need their help to cancel a service line, either in the current conversation (phone call, chat, ticket) or by contacting us by one of those methods.
    • You'll be asked whether or not you'd like to keep your current phone number
      • If you do not want to keep your number click No
      • If you do want to move your number to another provider, click Yes
  7. If you're not keeping your number, review the information on the screen and enter the phone number associated with the phone you're deactivating
  8. Click the green checkmark to complete your request
  9. After you've submitted your request, you'll receive a cancellation confirmation email. If you're canceling a phone bought from our online store within our Money Back Guarantee period, you will receive a separate email with a link to download and print a return shipping label 

Additional Notes 

  • If your account only has one service line, it will automatically be closed when you deactivate your phone

Need to cancel service for someone else?

If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent the account owner from canceling their service, please contact Republic Help by calling 866-550-9843.